Optimization of Medium Constituents for Citric Acid Production from Groundnut Husk by Aspergillus niger


  • Fatima A. Kudu Author
  • Aliyu Salihu Department of Biochemistry, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Author
  • Mohammed N. Shuaibu Author


Citric acid is one of the multipurpose organic acids used in food and pharmaceutical applications. It is extensively used as preservative, flavourant and acidulant. The effect of medium constituents affecting citric acid production using groundnut husk by Aspergillus niger was studied. The most significant variables (urea, MnSO4 and FeSO4) associated with citric acid production were optimized using Face Centred Central Composite Design (FCCCD). Maximum citric acid production of 5.34 mg/g was obtained when the concentrations of urea, MnSO4, and FeSO4 were set at 0.04 %, 0.024 %, and 0.125 %, respectively. The coefficient of determination (R2) and adjusted R2 values of 0.9853 and 0.9720 were obtained respectively with a non-significant lack of fit value of 0.2304. The results obtained from this study demonstrated that groundnut husk-based medium can be utilized for citric acid production by A. niger.


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